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Natural Farming

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Natural Farming comes under several different names. Korean Natural Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Fertility Farming, JADAM. Regardless of the name, the idea is to engage in farming using your local environment to it greatest advantage. Learn the various inputs that you can make at home for your Natural Farming.
Course Benefits
  • N IMO: Indigenous Micro-Organism
  • N LAB: Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • N FPJ: Fermented Plant Juice
  • N FAA: Fish Amino Acid
  • N OHN: Oriental Herbal Nutrient

Course Curriculum

LAB: Lactic Acid Bacteria
LAB can be used in your soil and compost. It can be used as a smell remediator with your chickens, ducks and pigs. Use it to condition the litter you have for any caged animals.

  • Making LAB
  • Using LAB.
  • LAB Cheese

IMO: Indigenous Micro-Organism
This is the beginning of an outline to help you get to understand what IMO is, how to make it and how to use it.

FPJ: Fermented Plant Juice

FAA: Fish Amino Acid

OHN: Oriental Herbal Nutrient

Making Compost
I cover this in LAB, but usefult to have here as well.

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Target Audience

  • N Are you interested in growing your own food?
  • N Learn how to make your own inputs.
  • N Explore:
  • N No tillage
  • N No fertilizer
  • N No pesticides or herbicides
  • N No weeding
  • N No pruning

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