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Staff Websites (Divi Included)

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About Course

When you sign up for this course, we will create our website for you after you complete the first lesson and quiz. You can contact me, the instructor at tony@ai.net.nz. Or call me on +1-808-498-7146

Course Curriculum

Why do you want a Website?
Before we install WordPress for you, let consider why you want a website.

  • Why a Website?
  • Why do you want a Website?
  • We will now build your website.
  • Straight to Divi

Installing WordPress

Installing Security Plugins

Installing Useful Plugins
The following are a number of useful plugins we install to simplify managing your website. However, we do not recommend that you install any old plugin. Not all plugins are created equal, and some of them may even break your site.

Twenty Seventeen
We are using the Twenty Seventeen theme.

Keep your site up to date.
Hackers abount. and they are always looking for sites that can take over, so we want to make sure that your site is always up to date.

We are going to very quickly make five pages. This will be to give some content to your site so we can build the menus in a few lessons.

We are going to very quickly make a few posts. This will be to give some content to your site so we can build the menus in a few lessons.

Fonts needed to be applied at the Appearance level. You want to change fonts with care so as not to make your Website look like a 5 year-olds thank you letter.

The Theme we are using has a Top Menu; now that we have some pages and posts, we can create this menu.

Divi is a Theme and a Template builder. It is extensive and rewarding to use.

We have come a long way, now we want to make the site hum.

Pictures and Images
Images in WordPress need to be formatted so you do not bloat your page, or slow your website down.

SEO & Google
Learn how to improve your Search Engine Optimation and get connected with Google Business & Maps, Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Updating an Existing Site to Divi
One thing I am asked to help with is to take an existing site and refresher it with Divi. These Lessons will help you take your site and upgrade it. Or if your site is already using Divi, these lessons will teach you Divi

Divi Tips
Divi is very power, and while it is primarily Drag & Drop, there are a number of extra settings that can be set at the CSS level.

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Material Includes

  • N Hosted Website.
  • N Questions and Answers.


  • N You must be an active Staff of a YWAM location.

Target Audience

  • N YWAM Staff
  • N YWAM Ministry
  • N YWAM School
  • N YWM Campus

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