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Rocky Linux 9, PHP 8.0, Symfony 6.0 (Part 3)

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About Course

Having created your Workstation, let's do some PHP and Symfony programming.
Course Benefits
  • N Create a LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Course Curriculum

Simple Projects

  • Hello World

Setting up HTTP

Let’s have some fun.

Rebuilding Journey

CRUD Create Read Update Delete

Other Processors

Symfony Pro
Things to learn when working on a Production Project.

Using GIT

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Material Includes

  • N PC or Laptop whose HardDrive you can wipe.
  • N Best to have 16GB Ram
  • N 500 GB HD
  • N i5 or better (an i3 is TOO slow)
  • N 16GB USB Drive


  • N You will make mistakes.
  • N Linux changes fast, so my instruction may be out of date when you run them, and you will have to learn to adapt.
  • N Let me know what does not work so I can update the instructions.
  • N Even better, let me know how you fixed the mistakes yourself!

Target Audience

  • N You have a Linux Workstation and now you want to get into some programming.

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