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Rocky Linux 9 & Symfony 6 with NETBean (Part 1)

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About Course

This course will take you through what is needed to create a USB image of Rocky Linux. Install it on a PC or Laptop. Then set it up as a PHP & Symfony Workstation. You will also learn what a firewall is and how to set one up.
Course Benefits
  • N Repurpose a PC or Laptop to become a Programming Workstation.
  • N Create a Bootable USB.
  • N Install an Operating System from scratch.

Course Curriculum

The Hardware
This section is to help you set up your hardware.

  • Hardware for a Workstation

Creating a Bootable USB

Wiping the existing OS, installing Rocky Linux

Updating Rocky Linux

Installing PHP 8.0

Installing Symfony

Installing NetBean

Remote Access

Your First Symfony Project
The Dashboard Controller will teach you how to interact between the various parts of your project. From the Controller to the Presenter, sometimes also called the View.

Extra Resources

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Material Includes

  • N PC or Laptop whose HardDrive you can wipe.
  • N Best to have 16GB Ram
  • N 500 GB HD
  • N i5 or better (an i3 is TOO slow)
  • N 16GB USB Drive


  • N You will make mistakes.
  • N Linux changes fast, so my instruction may be out of date when you run them, and you will have to learn to adapt.
  • N Let me know what does not work so I can update the instructions.
  • N Even better, let me know how you fixed the mistakes yourself!

Target Audience

  • N What to learn programming?
  • N Have the desire to get under the hood of your computer?

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