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Registering & Accessing your Digital Library.
Private: UofN Kona Digital Library
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The Overdrive Library system we are using does not have the means to manage registrations.

To overcome this issue I have software I have written for a project that allows me to manage your registration.

If you are staff/students/volunteers/friends of the University of the Nations here in Kona, please use this link.

If you are anywhere else in YWAM, as staff/students/volunteers/friends please use this link.

You can contact me at

When you register at one of the sites above, it may take me a couple of days to create your registration back into Overdrive.
You will get a second email when I create your account, and you will be given a Library Card Number and a Pin to go with it.

Before you get this information you can install Libby in preparation.

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