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WordPress for Home Schoolers

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About Course

When you sign up for this course, and have done the first lesson, we will Install a bare bones WordPress website, from which you can then to all the lessons and quiz. You can contact me, the instructor at tony@ai.net.nz. Or call me on +1-808-498-7146
Course Benefits
  • N You will learn how to establish a WordPress website with a set of security plugins to keep you safe, and some general plugins to make building your site easier.
  • N We will start by using the Twenty Seventeen theme but will progress over to the full Divi Sitebuilder Theme.

Course Curriculum

Why do you want a Website?
Before we install WordPress for you, let consider why you want a website.

  • Why a Website?
  • We will now install WordPress.
  • Why do you want a Website?

Installing WordPress

Installing Security Plugins
Hackers are always looking for ways to break in to websites and use them for malicious activities, we spend a lot of our time learning how to keep you safe. This lesson will teach you how to install several security plugins that we use on all our hosted sites.

Installing Useful Plugins
The following are a number of useful plugins we install to simplify managing your website. However, we do not recommend that you install any old plugin. Not all plugins are created equal, and some of them may even break your site.

Twenty Seventeen
We are using the Twenty Seventeen theme.

We are going to very quickly make five pages. This will be to give some content to your site so we can build the menus in a few lessons.

We are going to very quickly make a few posts. This will be to give some content to your site so we can build the menus in a few lessons.

The Theme we are using has a Top Menu; now that we have some pages and posts, we can create this menu.

We have come a long way, now we want to make the site hum.



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Material Includes

  • N Hosted Website.
  • N Questions and Answers.


  • N You do not need to be home schooling to take this course.

Target Audience

  • N Home Schoolers
  • N People that want to learn
  • N People that want to progress to a business website

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