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Getting the Email Address.
Have you applied to be Staff? Have you been accepted as Staff? Have you activated your Staff Profile? Now apply for an Email.
Transferring Your File
These lessons are to help EBPN to get your files from your Workspace account as EBPN to being in the UofN/EBPN eco-sphere, still under Google as a Workspace Account, still eventually with the same email address as you use now.
Email address at YWAM Kona
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I have ????

This is my primary account, but we will merge this with an existing Google Workspace for non-profits, ???
The account ???? costs monthly per email address.
The Google Workspace for non-profits we will merge with is free.
Why not get our own Google Workspace for non-profits?
It’s a process, and why not use that which already exists?
But if you did want to, see this course.

I want to merge this address, ???, with ???

  1. Create an account at the Google Workspace for non-profits.
  2. In the Account ???
  3. Share your folders in Google Drive for ??? with ??? as an editor.
  4. In the Account ???
  5. Go to “Shared with me” and go to the new shared folder from ???
  6. Create copies of all files.
  7. Create a new Folder System in ??? to match what you had in ???
  8. Moves the files from “Shared with me” in ??? to the My Drive Folder system you previously created.

Once we know that all users have created copies and moved all their files from ??? to ???, we can go ahead and delete all the accounts and files and email of

  1. We can delete the google presence of
  2. We can go to and bring in a new Domain of
  3. We can now go to each of the ???? accounts and rename them as ????
  4. OR add a new alias of ????
  5. AND if desired, make the ???? the primary with a secondary alias of the old ???

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