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Installing Libby
For Apple or Android.
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Libby is the App created by Overdrive to read books from our Library.

Libby for Android. Go to the Play Store of Android and search for Libby.
Libby for Apple. Go to the App Store for Apple and search for Libby.

Once you have Libby installed, there is a bit of a process to get it set up to access our Library. Something lime 43,000 libraries are using Libby.

Starting Libby for the First Time.

Once Libby is installed, you get the option to launch it.
You will have received an email from us with your ID and PIN.
Click on Yes.
We need to find the UofN Library, so click on I’ll Search For A Library.
In the search box, type in University of the Nations.
Next, we will enter your ID and PIN.
Click on Enter Library Account Details.
Enter your ID and the four-digit PIN we sent you on this screen.
If you have not received this, do check your spam.
If you still can not find your ID and PIN, email us at

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Karen Jensen 5 months ago
What if I already have the Libby app on my iPhone? I registered with Kokua, using the same email address as my Libby account. What should I do next?