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Register for the Digital Library

You need to apply for a subscription. Subscriptions are free and generally renewed each year in December for another year.

Please register below.

Please go to this link, is a software project we use for various YWAM and non-YWAM-related projects. Overdrive does not have a registration system, so this was the easiest way for us to help get you into the system.

We try to import people a few times a week from this registration system into Overdrive.
When you register, you will get an email affirming that your registration has happened, and a day or two later, you should get an email from us saying we have imported you into Overdrive and you will be given a Digital Library Card Number and a PIN to go with it.
If that does not happen, please email us at to give us a gentle reminder.

The next lesson show you how to install Libby and activate your Card.

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