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Our Digital Library is powered by Overdrive.

To read books and listen to audio, you would download and install Libby.

OverDrive empowers a vast network of over 92,000 libraries and schools across 115 countries. Its marketplace boasts an impressive collection of content from over 30,000 publishers, ranging from industry giants to independent voices. However, there are still publishers not yet represented, limiting the availability of some titles in the digital library.

Your visit to this page might stem from an issue we’ve encountered: your book isn’t available in the OverDrive marketplace. This could be because your publisher hasn’t partnered with them, or if they have, your specific title hasn’t been included yet. You might want to reach out to your publisher about this.

Another Solution

We do have the ability to put “local content” in our digital library, and we have done this often.

When an author with the correct rights to their book permits us and provides a digital copy of the book (docx, Indesign, epub), we can import it into our library.

We have made agreements with the authors to bring in a few copies or hundreds, depending on the needs of the book’s use.

Again, you may have come to this page due to this issue as outlined by someone else. Please feel free to reach out to me for more information, either on getting your Books into the Overdrive Marketplace or individually into our digital library.

Thank you.
Tony Arcus

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