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Workplace for YWAM

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Many of our locations around the world are beginning to use Workplace to consolidate their communications. What is the best way to implement workplace? Would you rather pay $4.00 / Month / User or $1.50 / Month / User? How do you administer Workplace, how do you use it as a staff recruitment tool, and can Workplace be used to recruit students for your school?
Course Benefits
  • N This course will help you to set up a TechSoup account for your campus or country.

Course Curriculum

NGO & TechSoup
Your location is most likely an NGO in your country, this means you should be able to get accepted in to TechSoup so you can get NGO pricing on Workplace.

TechSoup Account
You need to have an email address you can use with TechSoup that reflects your NGO, for example when we set up YWAM Philippines, we had the domain name of ywamphilippines.org, and we used an email address of sitemaster@ywamphilippines.org. This enabled to create an account with TechSoup Philippines and begin the enrolling process.

Workplace Token

Setting up Workplace

Account Admin
This is what most people will want to look at to learn how to manage your Workplace.

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Material Includes

  • N An email address specifically for registering with TechSoup, we suggest an email address like sitemaster@yourlocation.org, this way it is branded to your location and if you leave someone else can take up this position, and have the full history of what has been done.
  • N You do not need to have this address to do this course.

Target Audience

  • N This course is designed for someone who knows their way around registering for services and understands the nature and functioning of their country and their campus.

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