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NGO & TechSoup
Your location is most likely an NGO in your country, this means you should be able to get accepted in to TechSoup so you can get NGO pricing on Workplace.
TechSoup Account
You need to have an email address you can use with TechSoup that reflects your NGO, for example when we set up YWAM Philippines, we had the domain name of, and we used an email address of This enabled to create an account with TechSoup Philippines and begin the enrolling process.
Workplace Token
Setting up Workplace
Account Admin
This is what most people will want to look at to learn how to manage your Workplace.
Workplace for YWAM
About Lesson

When you are logged in to your Workplace and are an Admin who can create Account Admins, you will see a spanner and screwdriver in your left-hand dashboard.

Click on the spanner and screwdriver icon.
This takes you to the Admin Panel. Depending on your Admin rights, it may look slightly different from this.

Let’s go into the Admin Option:

In this panel, in the top right, you can search for coworkers by name.

Sometimes, I can not find a person because their name has a middle name.
And here was have found all the christines.

Once I click here, I can choose the kind of Admin she will become.

You can see what she can do and what she cannot do.
You generally only want to create Account Managers.

I also have a special secret group just for Admins where we can help each other.

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